SSHRC is moving towards the Canadian Common Curriculum Vitae.  

The current SSHRC Web CV will not automatically transfer into the CCV. Researchers intending to apply to SSHRC IDG in 2017 are encouraged to input their CV data into the CCV, and to begin as early as possible. Estimates are that the process can take between 10 and 20 hours to complete, depending on the complexity of your CV, depth of your publications profile and because the CCV portal is designed to support a wide variety of funding agencies' information needs, leading to some idiosyncrasies that can frustrate a novice user. 

To support University of Alberta faculty members intending to apply for SSHRC grants, the Grant Assist Program offers periodic work parties, called CCV-Bees, to help kick-start the CCV-inputting process. Together, we will navigate the key sections, demystify the internal logic of the process, and troubleshoot the infelicities of the CCV form! 

Registration is required*. Register here.  Dates in 2016: Sept 26, Nov 14, 15, 16, 17 (all at 10am)

*If there are no registered participants two days before a scheduled CCV-Bee, that event will be cancelled.

Please plan to arrive on time, as the beginning of the session will include direct instruction. 

The lab will accommodate PC users. Mac users are advised to bring a notebook if they can. Please contact the Director if you need other accommodation. 

Materials you will need:

  • Your login ID & password for the CCV portal 
  • Your most recent, updated CV, in hard copy and on a flash drive. 
  • A personal non-disposable drinking container 
  • Your enthusiasm and sense of humour
  • Recommended: set up a Google Scholar Citations profile in advance. Instructions here.

You can add this event to your home calendar from the GAPSSHRC calendar on the Events page.

If a CCV-Bee is not for you, the following guides will help you navigate the CCV process: 

How to Use the Canadian Common CV

CCV for SSHRC Guide

Check out other items in our Toolkit for Success:

Budget Planning

Successful Grants Library

SSHRC Presentation at U of A re: Imagining Canada's Future

Researchers intending to apply to SSHRC in 2015-2016 are encouraged to input their CV data into the CCV, and to begin as early as possible. Estimates are that the CCV can take between 10 and 20 hours to complete. 

Workshops called "CCV-Bees" are offered throughout the year to assist applicants with understanding the CCV logic, and moving towards completion of the Canadian Common CV. 

Registration is required. Notices of upcoming CCV-Bees are posted via Academics Digest, and on the SS&H Grant Assist Program Events Calendar.